Best Collaborative Software

collaborative software

Companies, groups and individuals that are involved in any given project need a way of communicating and getting reports from one another. There is where group applications come into the picture. It can be very hard and impossible for staff or group of people to share or work without having all these tools in place.

Collaborative software is an application that is designed to help people engage in common tasks so that they can be able to achieve better and in the near future. It can be very hard and even impossible without having all these tools in place for your staff to share and work or collaborate together.

There are so many applications for collaborative software across all types of industries. Many web based companies even utilize the API’s of some of these softwares as the foundations of there companies. Skip The Games is an adult app that connects users and adult service providers along with providing verified escort reviews. This is a web based company in the adult space that has been able to capitalize on the scalability that groupware allows.


Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)is a software suite that includes an email software, calendar, chat, web client among many other tools. It is a groupware application software that is designed with a lot of popularity with its features providing an open source way. There is the open source way which handles almost all of your needs. It is also known as community edition. Network edition has other features which you might fancy and they include features that Zimbra collection suite features.


Kolab Groupware is a free open source program that affords its users with notes, shared email, calendaring, tagging as well as tasks. It is very secure, reliable, scalable, flexible and full-featured. It is the glue between the various pieces of software that you could choose to Do-It-Yourself, adds to the collaboration capabilities, native integration and mobile phone synchronization in desktop operating systems platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. At the heart of Kolab is a chance and affordability to communicate with ease and readability. As an organization, Kolab allows individuals to handle email fast and efficiently at any scale.

Kolab is built on open-source software which is the fastest and most secure products, it is also built on internal storage, directory service, mail delivery system and its very powerful email contact management system.


SOGo is a fully supported groupware server that focuses on scalability and open standards. What SOGo does is give one the ability to share address books, calendars and e-mail using an open source, cross platform environment. It provides a rich AJAX-based Web interface that supports multiple native clients through the use of standard protocols such as CalDAV. This groupware application offers multiple ways to access calendaring and messaging data. In such a case the users can use a web browser such Microsoft outlook, Apple iCal, Mozilla Thunderbird or a mobile device that can access the same information.

Some of the features that you will find include; native Microsoft ActiveSync support for mobile devices such as Android, Apple iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Sharing your email, calendars and address books with other users, reminders, delegation, Export/Import and password policy.


Horde Groupware is a free enterprise-ready browsed collaboration suite. The application allows users to manage, share contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and files as well as bookmarks with standard compliant projects from Horde project. Some of the features that you will find in node include simple and dynamic mobile interface, unlimited resources per user, online help system, global tagging system, public and shared resources and abstract database support. Other features entail simple and advanced search forms, alarms with email notification and integration into external clients like Apple, Mozilla, Calendar and Microsoft outlook.


Zoho continues to be a leader in the field of project management. The app is a compelling tool for small and boot-strapped businesses because it is very easy to use and doesn’t cost that much. In addition, it has a free service which means you can do much more than test drive it while considering whether you want an upgrade or not. It’s all about usefulness and is very rich in communication features, it is generally easy to use, responsive with a great value.


Product enthusiasts love Asana for the good reasons. The online collaboration tool specializes in workflow management but also handles a lot of tasks. It is one of the best collaborations and productivity applications since it is very flexible, fast with a modern design. Bottom line is that it is a to-notch collaboration tool that helps team managers manage all kinds of tasks.…